2023 International Conference of Medical Humanities-

Exploration and Implementation: Reshaping the New Vision of Humanized Health Professional Education


"Medicine is the Art of Healing. Human-oriented health professional education aims to cultivate health care professionals based on humanistic care and create a future human-oriented health care medical environment. "


The conference extends a special invitation to both international and domestic medical education scholars to participate in a discussion about the development and future of health humanities in medical education. The focus of the conference is to establish a strong foundation for humanistic education that prioritizes empathy and compassion, and to formulate a blueprint for promoting humanistic medical education in the next 20 years. Through a medical and disease platform that emphasizes humanistic care, we aim to reshape the vision of health professional education to one that is more humane and compassionate.


Date: 8 June 2023 (Thursday)
Time: 09:50~15:30 (Please enter the hall before 9:10AM)
Location: Hall B, International Convention Center (International Academic Research Building, KMU)
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organized by: 

College of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University
Center for Medical Education and Humanizing Health Professional Education, Kaohsiung Medical University
Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital
College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University


2023醫學教育國際研討會 探索與實踐人本化健康專業教育新視野

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